It’s quite common for iPhone users to enter wrong passcode while unlocking an iPhone. But, this recent incident that happened in China stresses on the importance of entering correct password and not to play with iPhone as a young boy had locked her mom’s iPhone for 47 years.

A lady in China had given her iPhone to her son to watch some educational videos and stuff. And for some reason or the other, the iPhone got locked and seems like the boy tried to unlock the phone by entering passcode. And then he entered some random passcodes again and again which locked the phone for 25 million minutes which is approximately 47 Years.

She took the iPhone to service centre and then came the shock of her life. The Service centre guys informed her that the phone is locked for 47 years and there are only 2 ways to use the phone again. One is to wait for 47 years and the other is to wipe the phone data completely and reset the phone. And the icing on cake is that she didn’t have her data backed up on iCloud too.

This incident throws light on 2 important things that every iPhone user should take care of.

  1. Don’t give your mobile phones to small children.
  2. Keep a data backup of your phone at regular intervals.

So, Next time when you are giving your mobile to children, be careful as it may lock your mobile phone forever or you have to lose access to precious data.


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