In December 2017, Apple had become Notorious for slowing down older iphones after some days of usage. Many People were very furious and wrote hundreds of articles and publications saying its completely Apple Fault. People are spending huge amount for buying Apple iPhones and a rage like this is common when they get to know Apple is doing this wantedly.

But the Fact is that, Apple had found that after months of usage, battery efficiency will go down gradually and this is making iphones to shutdown unexpectedly. Apple had found a work around for this saying that they will decrease the speed with which the processor works and it will stop unexpected shutdown. This is fine till here.

The Big Mistake Apple had made is that Not arranging a big press conference and announcing this update. It made this announcement to a small set of users and no body cared. After some days, someone had found this issue using some third party Apps that Apple is deliberately slowing down IPhones and it became Talk of the Town.

Latest News from Apple is that they will release a new update on next IOS release with a new option. This Option will enable the users to select whether they should slow down the Iphone or disable the option so that iPhone won’t be slowed down but have occasional shutdowns.

This is a good move by Apple as Customers now won’t be complaining about shutdowns or slowing down of their mobiles. It is expected that this update will be rolled out in a month or two.


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