AmiThumi : 

Director – Mohan Krishna Indraganti.

Cast – Adivi Sesh,Srinivas Avasarala, Vennela Kishore, Eesha Rabba,Aditi,Tanikella Bharani.

Music : ManiSharma.

Cinematography – PG Vrinda


AMITHUMI is a quadrangular Love Story with Tanikella Bharani acting as father of Srinivas Avasarala and Eesha. Eesha loves Adivi Sesh who is a Friend of Srinivas Avasarala. Srinivas Loves a girl called Maaya(Aditi), daughter of Gangadhar who is not in good terms with Tanikella Bharani.

The Film starts with the happenings in Tanikella Bharani’s House with subtle humour in Telangana slang. Tanikella Bharani wants to marry her daughter to a guy called Sri Chilipi(Vennela Kishore) who stays in Vizag.But, As Eesha loves Adivi Sesh , she is not willing to marry Sri Chilipi and Tanikella Bharani locks her in a room thinking that she might elope and marry Adivi sesh. There will be a maid in Tanikella Bharani’s House who plays an important role in this film. Vennela Kishore will reach Hyderabad for “Pellichoopulu” and with the help of maid, Eesha escapes from her house. The maid will be in the room pretending like Eesha and Tanikella Bharani thinks that it is Eesha who is in the room.

Eesha meets Aditi in a coffee shop and coincidentally Vennela Kishore too comes to the same coffee shop. Eesha renames her name to “Maya” and requests vennela Kishore to kidnap Adivi Sesh who is coming to Hyderabad from Kolkata. Unaware of all these, Vennela Kishore meets the maid in Tanikella Bharani’s House and thinking that she is Eesha, he accepts to marry her due to his father’s compulsion.

Vennela Kishore Later kidnaps Adivi Sesh and the rest of the story is about how Eesha marries Adivi Sesh and Srinivas Avasarala marries Aditi.


Tanikella Bharani gave a superb performance as Srinivas Avasarala’s father with fun filled Dialogues in Telangana Slang. Adivi Sesh was wonderful with his typical innocent chocolate boyish type character coupled with very good humour.Although the screen presence is less, Srinivas Avasarala has given a nice performance. Eesha and Aditi are beautiful and given the scope of their roles, they did a very good job. All the character Artists did well.

Last but not least, it is Vennela Kishore(Sri Chilipi) who is a stalwart in this film who lifted this film to a whole new level with his comedy timing and mannerisms. There will be a scene in 1st half where he walks up the stairs and by mere walk, the whole theatre erupted into laughter. There is not a single dull moment when he is on the screen and his combination with the maid in Tanikella Bharani’s house is hilarious. #AmiThumi will be another feather in his already populated beautiful Crown.


Although this confusion comedy is not new to Telugu Film Industry,MohanKrishna Indraganti has done a very good job with very nice screenplay and makes the audience glued to the screen.

There are only 2 songs and Our very own Manisharma has given beautiful tunes owing to the situations.PG Vrinda Cinematogrphy is good and Marthand K venkatesh Editing is crisp.

The start of 1st half is little bit boring and director could have made it a bit interesting and it is compensated with Vennela Kishore’s Entry.


AMITHUMI is a laugh riot with Rib Tickling comedy and will make you laugh throughout the film.There are ample chances that AMITHUMI might become a big hit like ALA ELA.

Go and watch it.

RATING : 3.25/5.



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